The Florida State Court System‘s website publishes free Florida Supreme Court approved forms with instructions on its website.  All of the forms that you need to file a family law case or divorce are present on the Florida State Court System website. With all of the free forms, I am often asked the question: should I handle my case myself utilizing the family law forms? My answer depends on the circumstances.

Free Forms Are Better for Simple Cases.

If you and your spouse have been married a short time with no assets, debts and children, you’re probably alright utilizing the simplified dissolution of marriage form. When considering whether or not to use the free Florida Supreme Court approved forms ask yourself: do I have marital assets or debts I’m concerned with, or more importantly, children? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself will I need to go back to court if the goals of the divorce settlement are not accomplished? If you answered yes to both questions, then you should hire a lawyer to handle your divorce.

How do the Free Forms Work for Divorcing Spouses with Assets and Debts?

If you and your spouse have property, debts and assets that you need to divide, I do not recommend utilizing the free forms without assistance of an attorney.  A common problem with the Florida Supreme Court approved free forms is the lack of language necessary to transfer certain types of assets. Let’s say, by way of example, a divorcing couple wants to divide a military pension earned during a long term marriage. This is a highly technical area of the law which can have negative consequences if the military pension is not distributed correctly.

An Attorney Saves Time

Even if you have a relatively simple divorce, learning which forms to utilize, and how to complete the forms, can be a time consuming and stressful endeavor.  An attorney will streamline the process by completing your divorce forms quickly and correctly.

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The sample language above is provided for illustration purposes only. Each situation is different. It is imperative that you consult with an attorney before transferring a military pension. There are numerous other requirements not listed in this blog post.