A Divorce Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida?

I recently watched a television news piece about a Dutch Divorce Hotel. The guests/divorcing couples check into the Divorce Hotel for the weekend and two days later they leave divorced. The theory is the soon to be ex-husband and wife check-in and utilize the time away from distractions and resources available at the hotel to work out the issues in their divorce and leave the hotel no longer married. It is like an extended divorce mediation.

Could a divorce hotel work in a Jacksonville, Florida divorce? Yes and No. The immediate obstacle in Florida to a weekend divorce is the required waiting period of at least twenty days from filing before a divorce judgment can be entered. In addition to the waiting period, Jacksonville, Florida courts require that at least one of the parties provide testimony in court before a divorce judgment will be entered. Testimony in a divorce that has been settled typically takes five to ten minutes.

A divorce couldn’t be finished in a weekend in Florida, but all of the negotiation and paperwork associated with the Florida divorce process could. Once a divorcing couple completed all of their paperwork, all that would remain is waiting the 20 day period and for one of the spouse to appear in Court for a brief hearing.

Jacksonville, Florida Divorce Lawyer

If you have questions about your Jacksonville, Florida divorce options, do not hesitate to contact your Jacksonville, Florida Divorce Lawyer.  I can’t offer you a weekend hotel stay to resolve your divorce matter, but I can offer excellent customer service and sound legal advice.