5 Tips to Consider When Going Through a Divorce

#1 Take Care of Yourself

This may seem like a “no brainer”, but many people underestimate the stress of the divorce process. Taking care of yourself includes, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and eating right. Keeping your body healthy will help you handle the stress and the ups and downs associated with the divorce process.

#2 Don’t Make Any Other Major Life Changes Until the Divorce is Complete

This may be difficult, but try to avoid things like a new serious relationship with the opposite sex and changing jobs (unless it’s a natural career progression). Divorce is an emotional process, which can potentially cloud your judgment.

#3 Tap and Expand Your Existing Social Support Network

Many people who previously centered their life on home and family suddenly find themselves alone and isolated at the beginning of the divorce process. It goes without saying,  humans are social, and with a few exceptions, we do not thrive in isolation. Try to get together with friends and have a good time.

For those who practice a faith or religion, getting involved in church, temple or synagogue is an excellent way to connect to others. Prayer is also extremely healthy.

#4 Avoid Bad Habits

Most of us have a few bad habits. Divorce, for whatever reason, seems to exacerbate bad habits like drinking, gambling, shopping too much, smoking, etc. It’s important to be aware of this and if a “habit” begins to negatively impact your life, get help before it becomes a serious problem. The goal is to come out of the divorce a whole person, ready to move on with the next chapter of your life.

#5 Hire a Lawyer

Considering that I‘m a Jacksonville divorce attorney, I realize that this tip may seem self-serving; however, I recognize that it’s possible to handle a divorce without a lawyer. Many of the forms you need to complete the divorce process are available for free online.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an Attorney:

a)      An attorney provides a buffer between you and your spouse’s attorney.  Attorneys are not allowed to directly contact people represented by counsel.

b)      An attorney allows you to reality test your spouse’s demands and requests in a divorce. For example, if your spouse is demanding permanent alimony in a short term marriage, an attorney is going to be able to advise you that your spouse’s claim is unlikely to be successful. Knowing where you stand legally greatly reduces stress in the divorce process.

c)      Hiring a lawyer reduces the time you spend on the divorce process, so you can focus on Tips 1 through 4 above.

d)      A qualified attorney will help you avoid giving too much in the divorce process and not getting what you deserve. Although I can never guarantee anything, in many cases, attorney representation actually saves people money.

e)      You may have heard the term “counselor” used in association with an attorney. In divorce and family law, the attorney’s role as a counselor definitely applies. As a divorce attorney, I am able to call on both my life and career experience to assist my clients to navigate the divorce process both legally and emotionally.

If you have any questions about divorce and want to talk, do not hesitate to contact my Jacksonville office to schedule a free initial consultation. My phone number is 904-339-5298.