People in Jacksonville, Florida often ask me the question: What is Uncontested Divorce in Jacksonville, Florida? Here is my definition for uncontested divorce:

Husband and Wife agree on how they will divide assets and debts.

  • Husband and Wife agree on the amount of child support. This point should be relatively easy to resolve due to the fact Florida sets specific child support guidelines based on income.   
  • Husband and Wife agree on how they will apportion parenting time and parental responsibility (if the parties have children).
  • Husband and Wife agree on whether or not one spouse will pay alimony. If one party will pay alimony, the parties agree on how much alimony will be paid and for how long.    

The Uncontested Divorce process has more to do with the agreement of the parties rather any legal or statutory construct. In fact, the term “uncontested divorce” is not specifically referenced in the Florida statutes. While the term uncontested divorce is not specifically referenced in Florida’s statutes, there are several procedural mechanism and forms that are typically utilized.

Aside from the forms that are required to be submitted in all Jacksonville, Florida divorce actions, the most common form utilized is titled Answer, Waiver, and Request for Copy of Final Judgment
of Dissolution of Marriage (“Uncontested Answer”). The Uncontested Answer form agrees with everything in the Petition of the spouse who initiated the divorce proceedings and waives notice of hearings as well as all future notices in connection with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Handling your divorce as an Uncontested Divorce greatly simplifies the divorce process. While uncontested divorce is much easier than a contested divorce, in most cases the parties will come out ahead by hiring a lawyer to assist them to navigate the procedural requirements of Jacksonville, Florida courts and ensuring the paperwork associated with the uncontested divorce is completed correctly. The value of the time spent learning and navigating the divorce process will often be greater than the low flat rate many lawyers charge to handle uncontested divorce matters in Jacksonville, Florida.

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When studying the search terms that bring people to this website, I frequently see the term “affordable divorce in Jacksonville, Florida” being searched. In an earlier post, I recently focused on the lawyer side of “cheap divorce” discussing lawyers who focus on keeping their fees reasonable. The right lawyer can be an integral part of keeping divorce fees relatively reasonable, but the largest component in keeping divorce costs affordable is the client.

It is not surprising that some clients may find it difficult to be reasonable in the divorce process. Divorce is much more than the business side of process, i.e., who gets the house and how do we divide our debts, many times clients are dealing with a deep hurt or anger that may have been festering for years. In some cases, the hurt and anger may be justified, but utilizing divorce litigation to seek revenge is an expensive proposition.

It is the lawyer’s job to explain likely outcomes in the divorce process and assist the client to weigh the pro and cons of various positions, but it is ultimately up to the client to decide whether to take their divorce to trial or reach an agreement after the initial pleadings and discovery has been exchanged. Sometimes a trial is necessary when large issues, such as permanent alimony payments are at stake, but other times taking a case to trial over smaller issues does not make sense.  For example, does make it sense to spend $10,000 in attorney’s fees fighting over who keeps a $1,500 big screen TV?

One of the biggest thrills of being a lawyer is appearing in court, and after over a decade of practice, it something I still enjoy doing.  To be effective in court, a lawyer must be prepared. Preparation takes time, and in all businesses, time is money. Drafting an agreed upon martial settlement agreement can take hours, whereas a full blown trial can take days of preparation. When deciding to contest an issue, ask yourself, do you want to measure your attorney’s bill in hours or days?

One of the reasons I offer flat fee uncontested divorces is to encourage people to come to an agreement before they ever file a divorce. A flat rate allows clients to know the cost of a divorce before they get started and not worry about what the lawyer bill will be every month. While uncontested divorces are less complex, they can still be time consuming. I almost always make less per hour working on uncontested divorces, but it is worth it helping people get affordably divorced and move on with their lives.

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